Change is Awesome

“People don’t really go, they just change roles.” I hate the feeling. This is the same feeling I get every time I go out of my comfort zone. I am leaving Calgary. I am leaving the humble ground who allowed me to meet incredible people one could ever meet, different races, different accents, different ages. … More Change is Awesome

Welcome to Canada

Landed to Canada via Japan Airlines and Air Canada bounded to Vancouver yesterday, June 8. It was a sunny day. Rocky mountains and beautiful Vancouver welcomed us. Landing procedure was a breeze. I was interviewed and welcomed by an Immigration Officer in Asian descent. Since I still have 3 hours before my connecting flight to … More Welcome to Canada

Visa On-Hand

I was staring at the stars this evening and I just realized great things that happened to me. I am still waiting for the return of my passport (stamped passport with Canadian visa). But I am optimistic. I mean this is the advantage of experiencing the waiting and hoping and waiting. It’s an assurance that … More Visa On-Hand

Passport Submitted to the Canadian Embassy

Yes. This is happiness! I have sent my passport to the Canadian Embassy in Manila (CEM) today, March 30. It was last Friday, March 27, when I received the Passport Request (PPR) email from CEM around 8:30am. They are requesting my passport (only mine since I am a single applicant), passport photos (following photo specifications), … More Passport Submitted to the Canadian Embassy

Passport Request

It is more than a month since I did my medicals for my permanent visa application and 18 days since the 3rd line update (medical received) on my eCAS or e-Client Application Status. I am expecting my Passport Request (PPR) now. There are the days when I almost give-up, some days hoping and positive. Timelines … More Passport Request

Application Timeline

Application Sent Date to CIO-NS : June 13, 2014 Application Recieved Date by CIO-NS : June 18, 2014 Positive Eligibility Review (PER) Received Date: October 16, 2014 Second Line Update on ECAS: February 10, 2015 (But dated February 5, 2015) Medical Request and RPRF Request Date: February 11, 2015 RPRF Payment Sent Date to CEM: … More Application Timeline

Medical Examination!

February 10, 2015 Finally, I received the Medical Request (MR) and Right to Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) Request from the Canadian Embassy in Manila (CEM). After 4 months of waiting, worrying and doubting at some times, praying and trusting in Him, I was relieved at last. “Para akong nanalo sa lotto” (Just like winning the lottery). 😁 … More Medical Examination!