Oliver in a Day



A beautiful 16-deg C weather welcomed us in a quaint town of Oliver in British Columbia. With a population of around 5,000, Oliver boast itself us the wine capital of Canada. Millions and millions of wine bottles are produced each year from 24 vineyards in the area.

It is my second time here in Oliver. Purpose of the trip is to volunteer at Okanagan Gleaners, a Christian non-profit organization where dedicated group of individuals gather to process donated (gleaned) raw vegetables into dry soup mix which is then made available to Christian organizations to help feed the hungry of the world. Among many countries food has been distributed include Greenland, North Korea, Bosnia, Mexico, Mongolia, Ecuador, Ukraine, Philippines, Ghana, Romania, Albania, Uganda, Colombia and many parts of Russia, including northern Siberia.

This time we came in late of 22 minutes as they start at 8:30 am. With tons of volunteers today, we could not be accommodated on the morning so we have to just come back at noon. Change of plan, hiking the McIntyre Bluff was the consensus and will have to be back at 12.


McIntyre Bluff Last Winter


McIntyrre Bluff Today/ Spring


The hike will take one and a half to two hours (10 kilometers long) depending on your level of fitness. It is a steady hike with a few steep spots with very well used and well marked trail.The trailhead starts on a private property at Covert Organic Farms. If coming from the north, turn left on Secrest Road. Continue on the gravel driveway into Covet Farms. There is a parking lot on the left. Find the signs “Bluff Hike” and “Wine Lounge”. Start the hike here walking through the farm to a gate that will lead you uphill.It is during late spring or early summer when it’s the best time to hike McIntyre Bluff. During this season, the wildflowers are in bloom and temperatures are not soaring high. Hike early in the morning and remind yourself to bring plenty and plenty of water and sunscreen!


I would say that the hikes we did during the winter and the spring were both great with distinct and amazing sceneries and for sure, pleasant memories. McIntyre Bluffs address is at 300 Covert Place, Oliver, BC Canada.


The half of the day were spent on Okanagan Gleaners, packing pre-dried vegetables. A humble group of volunteers worked together for more or less three hours.



Going back home, we did not forget to grab our favorite Tickleberry’s. 🙂



Cheers and Happy Travels!!



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