Hi Friends! Soon as I saw the post of my friend Florian in Instagram, who is backpacking/ travelling to South America starting in Chile, I told myself I will help this awesome young man enjoy his travel despite a bad incident he just experienced. His backpack full of very important stuffs including drone, gopro, laptop and camera were stolen. I wanted to share you what his inspiring words after all that happened to him: “I won’t let those thieves also rob my joy to travel.
Whatever happens to me or to you in life. It’s YOU who can decide how to react to it. “The biggest freedom you and I have is that we can always choose which meaning you give certain situations.” It’s easier said than done like so many things but I forgave them half an hour after it happened when I took this picture. Time moves on whether you feel sad or happy. I rather go with happy. Cheers and a great day!”



Please help me help Florian. I met him once with his cousin Ferry while they were hiking at Myra Canyon Trestles in Kelowna. I even made a blog entitled “Live life to the fullest”, as they imparted a great lesson to me that time. They are young travellers from Germany and have travelled western Canada and lots of beautiful places in the USA for a year. Their passion for adventure and travel is just impeccable.

Thank you so much in advance and all the money that I will generate will be going to him and his amazing travels. Will share you a video gratitude of his South America travels (he will have to, haha, after your generous acts, lovely people).

Just like him let’s choose to hold no grudge, choose to be happy despite the obstacles, and be an inspiration. Thanks again and cheers!


Please click this GoFundMe Page:

All information, photos are from Florian’s Instagram account @flenkle.

2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Get back what we give. That is the law of live. And he is right. We can’t choose what happens to us But we can choose how we react to it. that makers another cause that gets anothe effect. That is why, what goes around, comes around. I hope his travels brings him something special. You are a good man for helping him.

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    1. Thank you SonniQ. Appreciate your words. Agreeing everything you said. Even though we met once I will always remember this young smart gentleman who imparted lessons like positivity, passion and enthusiasm. I hope his travels will. Thanks again SonniQ.


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