New Year

2017 was a challenging year. I am still living in Canada, in British Columbia. Being an immigrant, I had to experience the bad and the good and learn lots of things useful to move forward and have a great future in this awesome country.


1. Sickness in the family – my mom had to undergo a bladder surgery and financially and emotionally was a big challenge for everyone. Thank God her surgery was successful and she is now recovering.

2. Encountered a collision and I was 100% liable for the incident. I should make a separate blog on this to serve as a reminder to new drivers here in Canada.

3. Renting in a house with my landlords having marital relationship problems. The couple separated and needed to fix some conflicts. The renters where caught in the middle. Thus, I decided to just move and not be involved in anything.

4. Lost my Samsung phone in a house party including all the valuable photos and videos from my trips especially my memorable Eastern/ Atlantic Canada 7-day journey.

5. Double job – working two jobs is very difficult. I work full time as an inventory controller and part-time in Starbucks as a barista. I would say that both are exhausting (mentally and physically). Weekdays, 40 hours and some 20 hours for the part time.


1. Passed my driving license and purchased a Jeep 4X4 2012 Liberty.

2. Employee of the Quarter for Natural Factors and still growing and learning in a Canadian workplace set-up.

3. Traveled Eastern Canada in seven days. (Yes, blog for this coming sooooon!)

4. Donated to charities: a highschool classmate diagnosed with Leukemia; Share and Care Project in a highschool in the Philippines; and to the school’s silver anniversary celebration.

5. Not a beginner anymore on guitar playing and recently joined the church choir.

6. Met wonderful friends and family through the church and HikingAddiction and weekend is always set for hiking and outdoors.

I better count my blessings not my burdens. And I am brave ready for more challenges in living in this amazingly beautiful country. Thank you God.




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