Knox Mountain and Kelowna at Dusk

From Rutland North to Royal View Drive, the tiring run was worthy. It was a good run from Leathead Rd to the Enterprise Way, Spall Rd, Clement Avenue, Gordon Rd and finally to Royal View Drive. I managed to be at the slope of Knox Mountain at 6pm, perfect timing to witness the sunset and the night light landscape.

There is a Lower Crown Lookout and a parking lot located before the Apex Trail. This trail spans 2,839 m with more difficult trail difficulty rating. Most people choose this trail because of the accessibility and at the same time the views you will experience will be just awesome.

While hiking, you get a glimpse of the beautiful Okanagan Lake and the gorgeous mountain skyline and city street view. Furthermore, you will encounter a deer and bikers and fellow hikers.

A great time to meet a friend

Time was 6:25pm when I reached the Upper Apex Lookout and really splendid to just listen to the silence and have a glimpse of the sunset and the calmness of the Okanagan Lake.
Okanagan Lake and views of Bear Creek, Traders Cove, and Fintry.
Knox Mountain summit rises 646 masl.
Alone time on top, seating, and overlooking the magnificent views is a great idea.
Still not dark when I descended. It is faster going down because of the steepness but I took necessary caution to avoid slipping. During this time, I also found time to see the night-scape. And amazingly, it met my expectations. Just beautiful.

I even took a minute video overlooking the lake and the city lights: View of the Okanagan Lake and Kelowna City Lights.
My legs were hurting thus I decided to ride the bus way back home. Nevertheless, the experience on a Monday afternoon, after work, was worth remembering.


more information about Knox Mountain’s interesting facts, history, and very useful park and trails maps, visit the City of Kelowna’s Knox Mountain Park. You can download Knox Mountain Park Brochure as it has also the trails map (15 trails to explore). Thanks and Cheers! 🙂

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