Today I just run 10km for a race series here in the Okanagan. The race series is held by the Interior Running Association.

It was my first running race and I would say that it is a challenging yet fulfilling experience. And the negative temperature made it more exciting ūüôā

During the run, lots of realizations or lessons strike me. Running is me. It is my daily life and in this race, more than I can think of is my whole well-being.

1. You have to start and you have to have a goal. The goal is to finish the race but do you want to be first, second, or just run. A goal should then be specific. If you wanted to be the first then you should do everything to be first. Stick to your goal.

2.¬†First few kilometers is tough.¬†But really,¬†“when the going gets tough, the tougher gets going”. On the 3rd kilometer, my abdomen/ kidney was in pain. I needed to slow down and breathe enough air. Nevertheless, you don’t give up. You take it easy but you move forward.

3.¬†Never look back.¬†It won’t get you to where you are headed. Where you are headed is more important than how you are getting there. So better look forward. It makes you motivated.

4.¬†Enjoy the scenery. The race venue was in Lavington, British Columbia. A beautiful place in the Okanagan region. When you are busy with the bustle of life, you forgot to appreciate and be amazed with God’s creation – the sunrise, fresh air, those trees and mountains.

5. Be grateful. I just felt grateful that I have legs and I can run, that I am doing it, that I have eyes to witness everything, that I am trying and trying.

6. Accept help from someone. Those adorable kids were just telling and approaching me while I am near the water station and asked me if I want water. And I said yes. In life, we should sometime say yes and be open to receive the help and support and be thankful to those people who went the extra mile.

7.¬†Smile and be a someone’s happiness.¬†Smile, a kind word, a polite thank you, a motivating shout. These are simple yet empowering tools.

8. It is always GREAT in the end. Challenges and trials are a part of life. Be used to it. You just have to be brave and face those obstacles because in the end, it is a glory.

9. Healthy life begins with you and choosing to be healthy is one of the best decisions. Makes you realize how it is awesome to live.

10. Breathe fully. Just like when you are running, you sometimes forget to breathe enough. You are busy thinking of finishing but you realize you forget to live. Deep breathing gives you a better perspective, a better look on things.

11.¬†No too lates in life.¬†The participants on the race are teens to the elders : 19-yr olds, 25’s and 29’s, 32-yr olds, those in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80-yr olds. I am not sure if running is their hobby since. Nevertheless, to achieve one’s goal is to disregard what your age is and where you’re at.

Perhaps this is my first run race but this taught me a lot: that life is good, that God is good and it keeps getting better.

*The Interior Running Association (IRA) holds an annual race series of both road and trail races, conducted throughout the beautiful interior BC. There are ten races for 2017 r
anging from 5k to half-marathon in distance.¬†All ages and abilities are welcomed. To join any of the races,visit and ¬†register online at the IRA’s website:¬†¬†

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