Ski is the Limit

Who says that skiing is only for the rich? No. It is for everyone. I happened to see the ad by Big White Ski Resort of its Never Ever Day. It is a two-day event for first time skiers (February 4 and 5, 2017) where for only $25 you will enjoy 4 hours of ski lessons, ski gear rentals, and lunch. I signed-up readily as skiing is in my bucket list.

I booked for the Never Ever Day – Saturday. Going to Big White from Kelowna, you either have to drive or ride a bus. I rode the express bus from McDonald’s Highway 33 at 810am. First-come, first-serve, you have to pay $25 for the round trip. Trips are Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

First thing to do was to rent the gears at the Ski and Snowboard Rentals. Fast and awesome service, five of us, first time skiers, were gathered by our wonderful instructor at 10am. Morning session was focused on the gears, on the proper body positioning, ski techniques (cheese pizza, big pizza, and french fries). Our instructor was just so patient, and very knowledgeable, she kept on telling us to bend and hand on to our knees, make a pizza when stopping, and motivated us. Every member of the team were also great. Everyone’s motivating and appreciating each efforts and try’s.

Lunch was at Happy Village and food was just awesome. Afternoon session and we ski in a hill for learners. This time we had to make turns. A little bit hard at first but practice and trying are the key. And we needed to absorb our instructors advises: when turning for example on the right, be prepared to make a pizza and put the pressure on the left (uphill) and the always be in the proper body position. Enjoying, I didn’t skip any for rest: I attempted many downhill skis and tried many turns as possible.

I remember one of the member really had a hard time in the turns but she didn’t give up so the last downhill she made it just as smooth and easy. The last part of the program was an afternoon snacks and BEER!

Never Ever Day was over but definitely it will not be a ‘never ever skiing’ for everyone. Thank you Big White. A humbling experience, we will come back.

Skiing is awesome. Ski is the limit, I mean, sky is the limit. 🙂

*Visit Big White Ski Resort, multi-awarded ski resort in Canada. Lots of awesome winter activities to engage at Big White: from downhill skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing, tubing, skating, snowmobiling, dog-sledding, horse-drawn sleigh rides and Nordic skiing. For more details and services information, visit Big White Ski Resort’s website at:

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