Change is Awesome

“People don’t really go, they just change roles.”

I hate the feeling. This is the same feeling I get every time I go out of my comfort zone. I am leaving Calgary. I am leaving the humble ground who allowed me to meet incredible people one could ever meet, different races, different accents, different ages.

This is my last two days of work at Starbucks Creekside Calgary as a barista. At first I am learning, then I am enjoying, then I am meeting new people, new friends, then I am building great friendships and then we are family.

It was so nice meeting Obi. She is an amazing, hardworking, dedicated, gorgeous, and happy woman whose lovely spirit will always make you feel at home. She’s beautiful, inside and out. She studied law in a reputable university in Nigeria and she’s one of the smartest and kindest persons I know. Then here came Lincoln and Ben and Adrian, my Asian best buddies. They are just as nice as me. They will work just as hard as me. They will crack jokes and be fun just like me. That’s what Asians are, lol! These guys are awesome!! They are the best. And we love beers haha. Lincoln’s now working in a great travel agency. Ben is one of our shift supervisors, and he is an incredibly amazing leader. Salute to this fine, smart, awesome gentleman! And Adrian is on his way up to his first year at the university. He is taking business. He will do great. He’s great upbringing, values and attitude. He’s a little brother to me. Tijana, is a lovely girl too and Renee. They are sweethearts. They have European blood that is why. Tijana is the most organized person I have known. She is Serbian. She is funny and she is beautiful. Renee is the sweetest. Our baby girl at the store, she is just as hardworking and as smart as us. She takes awesome photographs and she loves cats. 🙂 We have our supermoms like Peggy, Janice and Michelle. Oh, they are the sweetest and hardworking moms you will meet. I love them. They are just caring as my mom. I always wish all the best for them. And the other younger generation: Kris, Cecilia, Natasha, Patrick, Olga, Bree, Leena, Sophia. They are fun like fun! I loving working this fine young guys/ gals. Jameson, Regan, Michelle, are amazing as well. And Aaron and Michael and Dani who left or resign earlier but made great impacts to me. They are cool as cool, nice as nice. Their Canadian accent is just amazing ‘eh! And Carolina who is a super nice latin American who is now in Australia for her study abroad program. We miss these guys.

More to that are the wonderful people I accustomed with. He is Mr. Dale. He has a Swedish surname, really hard to spell lol. In a funny yet interesting note, we always meet, coincidentally, at the store. It’s during my 15 minute/ half hour break and him during his coffee moments. He orders a tall size dark roast. Always. Just black. He likes pike roast too but the varieties of dark roast makes him interested to it. Mr. Dale travelled all around Canada, yes, even the Northwest Territories and 33 states of the USA. He is a kind soul. He is a positive smiling old guy with a young heart. I will miss him. I wish him great adventures still. And there came Michael or Mike which I just nicknamed him. He’s a flat white fan just like Janice. A very nice person too. He is a motorbiker. He’s great. Ben, this strong guy who has his own contracting business is a pro. He’s the best yard maker. To start the day he will order a strong Americano, misto, extra hot, and make it venti, plus his 1.5 gallons of filtered water at Starbucks. We love making his drink. He is amazing. He never skip a day. Will miss this good guy. Kim and Dick are the sweetest couple you will see in Canada. They will come smiling, just smiling, happy souls. One time I saw them just holding hands sitting at our café. Makes me eager to find my one true love haha 😉 A tall, soy, no foam, no water, chai is her drink and for Dick is a good tea. Kim is an excellent photographer. Those nature and wildlife photographs are just perfect. Dick, on the other hand, is enjoying the fun motorbiking. And who will never know Jo. She is a kind customer, a coffee lover, a book lover, and a caring mom/ grandmom. She loves her pike coffee topped with some hot water and sometimes she’ll take oatmeal or a dark-toasted bagel. We love her company. Her grandson is the cutest. I even told the mom that this cute baby will make girls cry when he gets older (lol just kidding). We miss Jessica and Damon. They relocated to the south but they find time to visit the store. She said I made the best caramel macchiatos for her. She wants it grande and with no fat. And her son, Damon is just as lively as me. He is a sweet boy who loves books and cookies. One time I gave him a toy car for his birthday and the next day he gave me a card with his lettering and drawing. That is so sweet. Linda and her triple grande latte is a favorite. She loves the mobile order now. She’s so kind same with his husband Ross. And Jerry who comes to see us and buy a flat white grande but in a venti cup during regular days but dark roast if he has long working hours. He is a master scriptwriter. We should watch his Chesapeake Creek. He is just so nice and warm. Dan, who migrated also here in Canada, is a pastor and is living at the beautiful side of the creek. He loves his grande café misto made with whole milk. Scott’s americano shouldn’t be forgotten. As well as Ray’s long shot grande americano with room. He is awesome, very humble and a spontaneous customer. He’s one of the founder of Jugo Juice (wow!). Going to our drive-thru customers, Lindy should be the first. She baked the best chocolate cookies. She is just so positive and so gorgeous. She will always find time to grab her venti iced latte made decaf with whole milk, 1.5 pumps of vanilla, and easy on the ice plus two kids apple juice, for sure, for her beautiful kids. She’s a sunshine. Venti americano, decaf and with cream is meanwhile for Tam. She’s taking this every weekdays at 7-8’sh am. She’s a charm, always smiling and happy and nice to everyone. With always a dollar tip, I will miss Sheila. She is so nice as she make sure we are ready enough to take her order, understanding how busy we are at drive-thru. A venti, nonfat chai tea latte will make her day. She has a twin sister. They’re the kindest and they’re awesome. Speaking of awesome, Dan wants his drink made awesome. It is an americano large, made 2/3 full to be filled with cream or milk (he will tell you this time), stirred with 3 Splenda and love haha. Make sure it is stirred, to make it awesome, again! 😉 I love serving Sarah and Gorgia their London fog tea latte and kid’s hot chocolate. Gorgia loves to see me and she’s 4 or 5 with blue-green eyes. They’re the sweetest too. Linda and her venti 1% hazelnut latte is her favorite. She’s a retired teacher and she’s just so nice and thoughtful making sure she knows what’s up with me and my schooling. These others nice drive thru customers like Scott and his venti cinnamon dolce latte, Jordan and his venti caramel macchiato and an oat fudge bar (to make his day), Chantell and her tall americano with nonfat milk, Arianne and her tall decaf caramel machiatto with lactaid milk and half-sweetend and an iced water will be missed.

And we will drink after work or hours after work (so that will have some rest after the tiring shift haha), perhaps at National, at Boston Pizza, at Pour, Scotchman’s Well, Jamesons, etc., go to downtown to catch Pokemons, play soccer even though some will not show up, dine in our favorite Vietnamese restaurant at Creekside, attend Serbian festival and African festival, walk Kylo (Dani’s dog), attend the send-off for someone resigning, chat during our breaktimes, go to this famous pizza place – Donaire, or just call it a day, just a day in Starbucks.

But change is a start. But in the start I would bring these experiences, these impacts, these bonds. So that we could be better, so that we could be more humble, more ready, grateful. And when I go back, the change was good and there are more experiences, more impacts, more bonds. And that is awesome.


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