New Home, My First Week


People will greet you and send you a smile, they’ll hold the doors for you to pass (and you will do the same) and even make you cross the street first before they turn their wheels on. Bus schedules are on-time, accurate with Google Maps. There are specific, designated bus stops. There are a polite thank you’s to the bus driver after each ride. Each houses has their garbage bins (recyclables and disposables) provided by the city government.


I was able to open a savings and checking account, credit card, went to the registry and applied for my Alberta healthcard/ health insurance in just 5 minutes. Availed a mobile plan and then got my SIN and applied for a job. Almost every restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping stores/ stalls have a job hiring and you will just need to fill up an application form/ give a resume and you may be ready for the interview or they will just call you sooner.


                                                              Harry Hays Bldg. (Right) and a designated bus stop (Left).

More than these are the time well spent with circle of friends (and I will call them now as family) who makes this transition a breeze. They are the kindest ‘kababayans’ (fellow Filipinos) in Calgary who will help you and make you feel at home always.

I will have my job interviews (next week) and will apply for a learner’s driving license soon. I enjoyed this first week here in this great city and I am looking forward for an amazing new life here.


                                                The city-scape.  Calgary Tower (left picture).

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