Welcome to Canada



Landed to Canada via Japan Airlines and Air Canada bounded to Vancouver yesterday, June 8. It was a sunny day. Rocky mountains and beautiful Vancouver welcomed us. Landing procedure was a breeze. I was interviewed and welcomed by an Immigration Officer in Asian descent.



Since I still have 3 hours before my connecting flight to Calgary, I was able to meet my good friend in Vancouver (and luckily I bumped in to see her readily at the arrival area) and talked about life in Canada.


Had another 1.5 hours of air travel and finally landed on my final destination which is Calgary. My very good friend and his husband are the kindest as they let me stay on their house while I search for a job and establish my first days in Canada. They even toured me on the North East and North West sides of Calgary. Really, the place is clean and peaceful. Roads are wide and there is discipline and warmth. We even visited two booths for my mobile plan.


Sun was still up at 9pm. I was looking at the neighborhood over the window of my room. It was relaxing and peaceful. I even asked myself if I am dreaming. I’m finally here. Canada is my new home. I thanked God for everything.

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