Passport Request

It is more than a month since I did my medicals for my permanent visa application and 18 days since the 3rd line update (medical received) on my eCAS or e-Client Application Status. I am expecting my Passport Request (PPR) now.

There are the days when I almost give-up, some days hoping and positive. Timelines vary to a short of 3 days after 3rd line to a month. I am desperately hoping and praying for that good news.. every minute checking of email, expecting for the PPR email by CEM.

There are things that we cannot control. It is really hard for me to realize this.. waiting and waiting and waiting. In these trying times, it is when we feel abandoned, hopeless, fearful or doubtful. But life should go on. I have to realize that all will be well if you think it will. Focusing on the positive and most importantly — believing that God has the perfect timing for the answers to our prayers. I have waited for 8 months and now it’s been a month yet I am worrying.. Be positive. Be hopeful. Change. Trust the Almighty. Have faith. Live in the moment. Things will be perfect in His perfect time. All will be well. And all is well. 🙂


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